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Jinya Ramen Bar’s Secret is in the Slow-Cooking - The Palatine Apartments Blog

Jinya Ramen Bar’s Secret is in the Slow-Cooking

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There’s something different about the piping-hot bowls of nourishment served at Jinya Ramen Bar. It’s the amount of time that goes into crafting the broth—more than 20 hours. To create a solid foundation for their signature Japanese ramen, the kitchen team slowly simmers each variety of broth for a least 20 hours, then spends as much time as it takes to meticulously craft the ingredients that swim in that broth.

Depending on your preferences, those ingredients could be spicy bean sprouts, chicken chashu, sauteed spinach, and thin rice noodles. If you prefer something a little more traditional, the ingredients might be pork chashu, a seasoned soft-boiled egg, and nori with extra-thick noodles, all artfully arranged atop a base of pork broth. Shrimp, tofu, and Impossible meat are a few of the other starring ingredients in Jinya Ramen’s main bowls. But even if you’re not a fan of the signature Japanese dish, you’ll still enjoy dining at Jinya thanks to alternatives like rice bowls, curry, and mini tacos. The tacos are a cross between Japanese and Mexican cuisine with sushi-inspired ingredients like spicy tuna or salmon poke.

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