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Tips for Back-To-School

It’s the last weeks of summer! This means school is starting back up soon. Perhaps, some children are already back in school. But, as always, going back to school is a big transition. No matter the age of your kids, going back to school can cause mixed feelings of excitement and anxiety.  For young kids,…

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Check Out the Capital Book Fest on September 15th

Nonprofit organization Turning the Page exists to get the community, especially its parents, engaged in children’s learning experiences. The organization brings special events to schools that invite parents and grandparents to come and read alongside their little ones, taking on a  more active role in their education. So it’s a fitting beneficiary for the 2022…

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Inexpensive Summer Activities

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Well, the second-best time! It’s summer vacation! Between summer camps, vacations, and the many activities to keep yourself or your little ones occupied; the dollar signs can add up. But, there are plenty of inexpensive and totally free activities that are still barrels of fun!  Bust summer…

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