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Now Open Near The Palatine: Rāko Coffee Roasters - The Palatine Apartments Blog

Now Open Near The Palatine: Rāko Coffee Roasters

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Brand new to Arlington, Rāko Coffee Roasters is a cozy cafe serving artisan coffee drinks and cafe fare. The menu has a variety of sips and bites to enjoy, like the ginger rosemary latte, honey matcha latte, beet hummus, grilled cheese sandwich, sweet pastries, and more. 

While you relish something tasty from here, you can unwind in their homey, warm environment inside or take in the fresh, cool air on their outdoor patio, with plenty of seating in both areas. It makes for a nice stop in town to spend a few hours studying, socializing with friends, or having a coffee date here, enjoying the atmosphere of the place with a latte in hand. 

Ditch your usual coffee spot this week and try this new neighborhood cafe instead, satisfying your palate with a chocolate croissant and baklava latte. While you're at it, follow their Instagram page for the latest updates and hours before you head over from your apartment. 

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