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Hone Your Culinary Skills With a Class at Cookology in Arlington - The Palatine Apartments Blog

Hone Your Culinary Skills With a Class at Cookology in Arlington

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The start of a new year is the perfect excuse to pick up a new hobby, and the chefs at  Cookology have an idea for you. Why not spend 2022 learning how to cook? They have everything you need to take up the new endeavor, including their own expertise and a fully outfitted kitchen in Arlington’s Ballston Quarter (as well as virtual options for anyone who’s more comfortable in their own kitchen).

Check out the impressive lineup of classes slated for January to find something that suits your tastes and interests. Perhaps you want to be part of the ongoing fitness meal planning, a series of six classes that teaches you how to make workout-boosting meals and smoothies, from chipotle-roasted chicken breast and sweet potato wedges to chimichurri pork chops and curried cauliflower mash. Looking for a way to kick back after work? Check out one of the Wine Down Wednesday classes. They’re single drop-in classes where chefs teach you how to make dishes like shrimp linguini in white wine sauce as you sip on a glass of vino. Lobster mac and cheese, molten lava cakes, and Portuguese-style chicken piri-piri are just a few of the other items you can learn to make this month at Cookology. Pick your dish and reserve your spot in the class by registering online.

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