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All the Ways to Celebrate Summer in August - The Palatine Apartments Blog

All the Ways to Celebrate Summer in August

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August is the last full month of Summer, so make it a celebration! Make every day a holiday! August is not filled with annual celebratory days. No Labor Day, Memorial Day, or 4th of July long weekend to party with your friends and family. But no fret! There are plenty of holidays and reasons to celebrate all month long! 

August 2nd- Ice Cream Sandwich Day: So simple but so delicious! There’s nothing better than the taste of sugary sweet, ice-cold creaminess, and chocolate all together in one outrageously-good dessert.

August 5th- Water Balloon Day: Make an average summer day memorable and fun-filled with water balloons! 

August 6th- Sandcastle Day: Taking place on the first Saturday of August every year, it is a wonderful reason to head down to the beach and build some sandcastles! 

August 13th- Bowling Day: Ready to roll? It’s the ideal day to get out and have some friendly competition while bowling. 

August 18th- Ice Cream Pie Day: A delicious sweet team! Ice cream pie takes something amazing and makes it even better. 

August 30th- Beach Day: Calling attention to keeping our beaches beautiful! The perfect day for a beach trip. 

There is tons of summer fun to be had all August long!

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